“We are campaigning for greater choice for patients on warfarin about how their condition should be managed. Our goal is to empower patients and we believe where possible they should have the choice about whether to self-test or self-manage their treatment. We believe that this change would enable improved health outcomes and save time and money for both patients and the NHS.”


There are more than 1.2 million people in the UK on warfarin of which less than two per cent benefit from self-monitoring, despite evidence that it can cut the risk of death by nearly two-fifths and more than halve the risk of strokes. AntiCoagulation Self-Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA) launched in October 2012 with the specific objective of achieving greater access via prescription to INR self-monitoring technology for people receiving warfarin therapy. ACSMA is also seeking to raise awareness of the benefits of self-monitoring and aims to ensure that people are equipped to have informed discussions with their healthcare professionals on this topic.

Our objectives:

  • To ensure INR self-monitoring technology is available, accessible and on prescription through the NHS for eligible patients
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of INR self-monitoring
  • To ensure those taking long term warfarin are able to have an informed discussion with their doctor about self-monitoring

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