Atrial Fibrilation Research Methods

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Have you been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation  and would like to share your experience which will contribute to a study to explore ways that the detection of AF can be improved using a number of research methods?

Warwick Medical School would like to interview people with AF to understand their experiences until diagnosis. Interviews will be confidential and may be in a group or as an individual interview to last up to two hours. Warwick  Medical School will meet any travel expenses incurred to undertake the interview along with reimbursement for time spent for the discussion


Please register your interest by emailing with your contact details.


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2/2 Warwick Med School wants 2 interview people with AF abt their experiences before diagnosis. Contact for info
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1/2 Have you been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation? Would you like to contribute to a study to explore ways of improving detection of AF?
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Do you have AF? Are you interested in sharing your experiences before your diagnosis? Pls contact for more info.
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