CCG Freedom of Information – Executive summary

During the course of ACSMA’s campaign, it has become clear that, while Government and Ministers were supportive of self-monitoring and patient self-management of long-term conditions more broadly, this was not necessarily being translated into action by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) responsible for commissioning and funding anticoagulation services.

Early in 2014 ACSMA undertook an exercise to try and ascertain more clearly what was happening in Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) across England using Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to elicit information about anticoagulation service provision, current practices and policies directly from the CCGs themselves.

Completed FOI responses were received from 178 of the 211 CCGs in England (84%) which have been used to produce a report called ‘Anticoagulation services and patient access to INR self-monitoring in the NHS in England’.

Disappointingly, only one-third (34%) of CCGs allow people to self-test their INR level and 28% of all CCGs allow self-management (which includes self-testing). This means that the vast majority of people on long-term warfarin are being denied the opportunity to self-monitor, despite the benefits to the patient in terms of health outcomes.

To read the Executive Summary of the report please click here.

FOI report_Executive Summary FINAL_010914

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