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  • ACSMA Newsletter 7

    Latest ACSMA news letter discussing the NICE diagnostic evaluation of self-monitoring technology, Government response to the Health Select Committee report into long-term conditions and much more.

  • ACSMA Newsletter Issue 6

    Latest ACSMA news letter discussing the NICE technology appraisal, patient choice awards and recruitment of ACSMA ambassadors.

  • ACSMA Newsletter Issue 5

    Download the latest ACSMA newsletter

  • ACSMA Newsletter Issue 4

    Download the latest ACSMA newsletter

  • ACSMA Newsletter Issue 3

    Issue 3 featuring our patient  survey results! Download today!

  • ACSMA Newsletter Issue 2

    Download the latest ACSMA newsletter today

  • ACSMA Newsletter Issue 1

    Our first ACSMA newsletter

  • ACSMA Toolkit Introduction and Contents

    Find out all about our campaign kit

  • ACSMA Toolkit - Information about ACSMA

    Infomation about ACSMA and its members

  • Infographic - current situation and opinion

    Download an infographic showing the current situation an opinion relating to INR self-monitoring

  • ACSMA Survey Results infographic

    Download an infographic of our online survey results

  • ACSMA Toolkit - Mythbuster

    Download a document that busts the myths around INR self-monitoring! Supporting you with the facts.

  • ACSMA Toolkit - Contacting your MP

    Hints and tips of how to approach your local constituency MP to support the ACSMA campaign

  • ACSMA Toolkit - Template Letter to MP

    A template letter that outlines the work of ACSMA, the current issues concerning self-monitoring and a “call to action” that you can send to your local constituency MP

  • ACSMA Toolkit - Contacting your local council

    Hints and tips of how to engage with local government and decision-makers for the benefit of ACSMA

  • ACSMA Toolkit - Glossary

    An alphabetical list of terms used in the toolkit and a short explanation of each

  • AntiCoagulation Self-Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA) Health Select Committee Submission

    Download and read a copy of our submission to the Health Select Committee

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2/2 Warwick Med School wants 2 interview people with AF abt their experiences before diagnosis. Contact for info
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1/2 Have you been diagnosed with atrial fibrillation? Would you like to contribute to a study to explore ways of improving detection of AF?
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Do you have AF? Are you interested in sharing your experiences before your diagnosis? Pls contact for more info.
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