It’s two minutes once a week, which means I can live my life again.

Philipa (34)

Without the opportunities to self-manage, my life would have been very different; access to this technology has provided the lifeline to support me in achieving positive and productive outcomes in my personal health, wellbeing and career.

Diane (55)

The biggest benefit of self-monitoring my INR is that it has put me in control of my own health, in respect of atrial fibrilation, without having to be so reliant on others. Self-monitoring has also given me freedom from being tied to regular appointments to have my INR tested. I am free to travel anywhere in the world knowing that I do not have to worry about my INR because I can monitor and control it myself.

Rex (66)

One of the best things about home testing is we don't have to take Easton to hospital or his G.P. to have his tests. When a child goes through so much medical intervention they can become very scared in these places. Easton used to start getting upset as soon as we entered the hospital car park. Since having the home testing machine Easton is very laid back at having his INR tested. Now at 14, we hope he will soon be testing his own INR as this will be important for the years to come, whether he moves on to university or fitting his INR test around his career.

Caroline, Mother of Easton (14)

Taking her for the blood tests over the years has been pretty harrowing, there is no reasoning with a terrified, crying child who is begging you not to have it done. Having it done at home is so much easier; we’re so lucky to now have a machine. It’s safe, easy and practical - it revolutionises your whole life.

Rachel – Mother of Katherine (16)

I strongly believe that my ability to self-manage my condition has had a very beneficial and liberating effect on my everyday life.


Since self-testing and self-dosing, I have not suffered any further events and am totally convinced that from my own experiences, weekly self-testing can provide a better therapeutic range.


We have a machine and it is so much better than our son travelling to hospital or a surgery for a test. We are confident our testing is accurate and so is the hospital.


My Daughter has to use an INR Machine, we are lucky as we have been provided one to use at Home. Which is something everyone should be able to have easy access to. It’s hard enough having a child with a heart condition without added stress. I am happy to support your campaign.


Brilliant idea - An INR tester needs to be available to every heart patient asap!


I have always ‘begrudged’ the time I have spent getting ready to go to hospital for blood tests (occasionally twice a week) and trying to park. A friend saw an advertisement in a paper which my sister and I discussed. My Sister then, very kindly bought me a portable INR tester and I have not looked back since.

Mrs M.

I am 23 and travelled through South Africa, Australia and New Zealand with my girlfriend. I was away for around seven months. I self-tested and self-dosed the whole time. It was so successful that I am continuing to control my own coagulant, even though I have now returned home.


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