Yorkshire Evening Post: “Health: Home test kits change the lives of heart kids” June 25th 2013

A Story in the Yorkshire Evening Post published 25th June 2013, highlights how self-monitoring improves the lives of children on warfarin and their parents and illustrates the significance of  the ACSMA campaign:

“Hi-tech machines are helping youngsters facing frequent hospital visits. Katie Baldwin found out how.

Coping with your child going through open heart surgery is difficult enough. But for many families the cycle of constant medical appointments continues for many months or years.

And for some, they could face the prospect of hospital visits as much as three or four times a week for the rest of their lives.

That’s if it wasn’t for a small machine which makes all the difference.

Sarah Hepworth, whose son David uses a machine to test his blood in order to see how much of the drug warfarin he needs, said it had changed their life.

“It’s a brilliant machine,” she said….”

Read the full press release here :



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